Thursday, September 22, 2016

Funky and Unusual Wedding Invitations

Photo Credit: Mine
(and yes, it is an invite - A scroll in a bamboo)

Some couples want their wedding invitations to be cool, absolutely unique that it means unusual.  If you are a wedding invitation artist and a couple comes to you saying that they wanted a funky wedding invitation, would you have an outright suggestion?  I share with your initial hesitance to offer an outright plan on how to go about it.  That is because designing a funky thing is a job that is hanging in the wind.  Is there an exact definition of what is funky?

If someone asks you to design an elegant wedding invitation or a classic wedding invitation, you might ace this project.  What about funky?  I think you will scratch your head.

What about a wedding invitation that has a “Sahara” touch like for example a leopard print or maybe something depicting a tiger’s stripe?  This must be cool! It is even a nature friendly theme.  But check it out if this is indeed unusual, at least in the community where most of the invites are to be distributed.

Going against usual color combinations may give your wedding invitation that funkiness that you are yearning for.  It is sort of attaining a level of being weird, is what you are looking for, right?

With the advent of advanced graphic illustration software and editing software, it became much easier to create vector designs that will make your wedding invitation an unusual one.  If you have basic knowledge on graphic design, you might as well do it by yourself trying some combinations until the time that you will come up with what you want or what you need.  To make the process more fun, you may do this with your future partner for life.  It must be a real fun designing your funky wedding invitation together.  You can start with some simple bold shapes and color combinations first.  Who knows, you might come up with a great abstract design and have it be patented soon.

Enjoy your time designing your funky wedding invitation. To view other invite options, visit my site where you will find all the items you need for your wedding.

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