Thursday, September 22, 2016

How to Make Pretty but Cheap Wedding Invitations

You don't have to part with some of your valuable personal items just to afford your long-time-dream wedding invitation. Sad to say, inexpensive wedding invitations appears like you didn't spend a dime. I have written several guides to having cheap invitations that looks as much pricier like those you are wanting to have. One of these guides is what you are reading now.

Here's how to make use of printable invites, make little twists and have an awesome piece that you will surely love.

1. The main part - Paper

It is not difficult to look for inexpensive stationery for your wedding invitation. There are many local craft shops that provide dozens to hundreds of options, usually found in the scrap booking section. For instance, you can't find what you want locally, you can check out online craft and scrap booking stores. Online shops also offer quality paper at affordable prices which will not put a heavy burden to your finances. You can use craft paper of style, color, design or texture that will match your wedding motif when making printable wedding invites.

2. Printing and Creativity

If you want to spend less for your wedding invitations, you can simply print the details of your invite on a carefully selected cardstock. Adding a photo or image to your invite is a another easy way to create a cheap but nice wedding invite. Even basic computer software is able to easily include a special image. In case you are not sure on how to do it, consult Mr. Google and browse for tips and tutorials. You do not need to be computer-savvy to easily produce elegant invites designed. You can do it by yourself effortlessly.

3. Making Layer

Making layers is as easy as what you do in your elementary days. Simply consider contrast of colors. Make use of cardstocks with coordinating colors. Make sure that you print on lighter (in terms of weight) paper those that occupy a lesser space. The main layer should be the heaviest. I personally suggest that you make use of double-sided tape in pasting the layers together. This will help you keep your card neat because you get away from messing up with sticky and messy glue. In addition, you will avoid ugly creases on the surfaces of the cardstock you use.

4. Embellishments

Adding a blink to your invitation is as simple and easy as making layers. Craft stores abound with different charms and tiny cute items that you can use in embellishing your card. You will surely find items that will match your theme. Buy two to three charms and try to make a lay out. Add other embellishments like ribbons or other materials you want to put. The idea is to see or check first if the items you have in mind make a good blend when assembled together before you buy all the quantity you need for making your invites.  

Have I said something helpful? Card making is one of my hobbies and I used to offer services to customize party invites and wedding invites. With time constraints, I am not offering these services anymore but my passion in this is still like an ember ever glowing. Thus, I feed my passion by writing tips to brides who want to make their own wedding invites and to moms who want to make their prince's or princess' birthday invites.

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