Handmade Wedding Invitation

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In our modern times today, you can have a wedding invitation handcrafted by a designer, purchase previously crafted invitations by specialized artists, or create your own handmade invitation.

In ordering a crafted invitation, a couple can call a local designer or visit the designers' websites. There, you will decide what type of paper, font, fold and design you would like to use for your invitations. There are some designers who even have invitations on hand, ready-made. If not, you will typically make a choice from a number of designs in the artist's portfolio. Designers can often construct specialized designs for your invitations, at an additional price. There are even designers that produce their own stylized fonts.

If you really decide to make your own handmade wedding invitation, have a trip to your local craft store for the supplies or you can purchase the supplies online. I recommend deciding your fold (cards come in different ways to fold for placing in the envelope), before shopping. Other supplies, I suggest, are adhesives, paper, calligraphy pens and some embellishments. A big place to uncover embellishments, pressed flowers, stickers or ribbon, is in the scrapbooking aisle.

When initiating your design, you'll want to focus on the theme of your wedding. Should your wedding be beach style, you'll want to pick up beach wedding invitations designs. For example; a photograph of the ocean, seashells or even the sun.

Your invitations can be amusing or classy, depending on your wedding style. For a more fun type of beach wedding invitation try some dazzlingly colored stickers. If you're more interested in passionate and sophisticated, you can place a not glossy frame around a picture of you and your fiancé at the beach at dusk.

Different types of fonts can jazz up an invitation or make it more well-designed. For a flirty, playful invitation try using Arial fonts, if you want more stylish, choose a cursive font. You can download new fonts on the Internet as well.

Handmade wedding invitations are an exceptional and stylish way to inform your guests of your upcoming nuptials. Even your mother-in-law to be would be proud!

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