Friday, October 14, 2016

Handmade Wedding Invitation

Have you allotted much time for you to prepare for your wedding?  Then, there is ample time for you to make your own handmade wedding invitation.  This will give you a custom wedding invitation, unique and worth keeping.  
Handmade wedding invitations portrays the message to your guests that you have incredibly spent a considerable time to give them the best wedding invite that you can create.  
If you choose to have a custom handmade wedding invitation, you could either do it yourself or pay someone to do it if you have no much time for it.  There are a lot of freelancers online who could do it for you.  Handmade wedding invitations provides a wider array of choices in terms of the embellishments that you can do but first, we’ll try to discuss this step by step.  
The first thing to consider is the color theme.  Then go to your craft store and shop stationeries that attracts you.  Go over available things on the craft store that you can use to embellish your card.  Lay out your design and buy your materials.  Make some illustrations on the lay out roughly arranging the materials that you want to use.  Also consider what font or fonts to use.  You can use several fonts to make it more variable or use a single font to make it uniform.  Mixing font sizes, font colors and font type alone can customize your wedding card.  Making some text groups in bold and making other text contents italic can further provides variety for your card.  
To make your card more beautiful, you can line the envelope that you are going to use.  Combination of colors will help in customizing your card.  Just consider the blending with your wedding invitation card.  
Embellishments for your hand made card can be dried leaves or flowers, ribbons, sea shells, paper fibers, beads or other things that you find attractive.  Your craft store abounds in this kind of things.   
Handy embossers also give you more option in embellishing your handmade card.  It depends on the design of the embosser that you wanted to use.  If you are planning to make crafting your hobby, then it would be worth it to buy some gadgets or tools to make your handmade customized wedding card.  Otherwise, it is more practical to pay someone to do it for you.  Affordable services are available online.  Just take some time to search, compare and choose.

Have a great time!

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