Friday, October 14, 2016

Different types of Wedding Dresses

The date is agreed upon, invitation is ready, the place is set, but what about the wedding dress?  The wedding dress is so important because it will crown the bride with glory for all efforts she had done to make that day a remarkable one.   
In choosing one’s wedding dress, the primary consideration is if it will bring out the bride’s best so she will be at her best during that day.  Different body types calls for different styles that can accentuate the bride’s assets.  Like for example, a bride with a bust that she can be proud, a waist that is thin and a regular size hips can choose a thin waisted dress with a well defined top that has a bursting middle.  This will put accent to her beautiful curves.  
What about brides with a fuller waist and hips?  An A-line dress is of better choice.  An A-line dress is a style with a tapered top, a sloped waist and a skirt made to flare.  
Most wedding dresses convey a mermaid style dress.  This kind of wedding dress is a great choice for small waist and bust.  Generally, small statured ladies will look taller with a mermaid dress.  A mermaid style is a dress with a top that is tight and which widens at the knees.  
For brides who have a smaller bust, with great hips, the Empire waist dress is a better option.  This kind of dress has a vintage design.  It is a bit fitted tightly around the bust line only leaving the other parts fall straight.  
The best thing to look for a perfect wedding dress is to go to a wedding gown store, fit all the dresses there and ask your partner and your mother to come along.  Let someone get some photos.  Sometimes, looking at yourself in the mirror is a bit deceiving because of the angle and the distance of your perspective.  Ask your partner and your mother to make at least three picks.  Check the photos and confirm your three choices too.  Put on those three if the choices are the same if not, put all six then eventually screen off your choices.  If nothing really fits your taste, hire an expert to make something for you.  Through experience, the expert would already know what type of wedding dress fits you.  Thus, she can create a dress that both fit your body and your taste.  

Be at your best during your day!

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