Thursday, December 8, 2016

From Invites to Gaming; PS4 Pro is Irresistible

When you eat much of your favorite, the time comes that you will not even look at it. Thus, I am deviating my attention now and I am focusing on gaming instead. Well, with those words, you already sensed that it is actually my alibi, or shall we say, my justification why these days, I simply sat before the screen and play, play, and play with our new PS4 Pro.

My son had always been wanting to buy PS4 Pro but each day was a frustration for him because whenever he will ask the shops, they will say the same answer: "Maybe, next week. It is out of stock." Literally, he is asking same shops everyday last month. His father finally gave in and purchased PS4 Pro from Amazon. 

There are at least three advantages of buying PS4 Pro from Amazon. One - You know what is the total cost. If you buy an item from other international online stores, you will pay for the price of the item that you are purchasing plus the shipping cost. Then, you thought that the story ends there and you shall just wait for it to appear at your doorstep. To your surprise, you will receive a call from the courier saying that the item had arrived in the Philippines and ask you if you are willing to pay the tax in the amount of ______ .  Well, that is still a better scenario because some couriers won't mind calling and you will only know about the issue when you call them following up the delivery of your item. We had experienced both. One time, we got shocked to know that the tax of our purchase was P6,800+. You won't be worried about this if you buy in Amazon. Once you checked out, the tax will be computed plus the shipping fee. 

Two - shipping is fast and very efficient. Anyone who tried purchasing an item online would have experienced the headache of tracking, following it up or debating with customs for them to release the items. Have you experienced buying an item and it just sat in the customs for a week or two? That is even short - some items could sit there for a longer period of time. 

Three - Amazon's customer assistance is superb. In case there is problem in the dispatch, which rarely happens, they will contact you to let you know about the situation. 

Amazon, is the world's largest online store and it gained this status because of its fast, efficient, customer-friendly way of handling each and every transactions with them. 

So, next time you go to the shop to inquire if they have PS4 Pro and they tell you that they don't, better buy it from Amazon. Why the need to wait? How long are you willing to wait? By the time that the local stores have it, the fever may have started to die down and you may be losing your enthusiasm. Save yourself of those sleepless nights - PS4 Pro is just a click away. 

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