Sunday, September 25, 2016

Bridal Shower Invitations: How to set the theme

Breaking your head on the theme of your bridal shower?  Well, just like your wedding invitation, the possibility is endless in creating a unique theme for your bridal shower.  It may not be a hundred percent unique or three hundred sixty degrees different because it may turn out to be not a bridal shower anymore in your desire to make it too unique.  Slight twist on what had already been can make the night memorable.  

Manifesting the theme in your bridal shower invitation can be best done by sending out an invite that is in the shape of an object that best represents the theme of the event.  For instance, if it is a lingerie party, then you can have a die cut in the shape of a lingerie containing your bridal shower invitation wordings.  What about a horse shoe shape?  Horse shoe  is believed to be a charm to avoid bad luck and superstitious people believed that it will help in fertility.  If you are not really superstitious, a wedding gown-shape die cut is a better choice.  

Together with your die cut, you can use tiny embellishments such as tiny flowers, ribbons, colored sand, beads, and other cut little things.  The arrangement would entirely depend on the theme of the card.  Choose tiny cute things to avoid creating an overly embellished card that might ruin your concept.  Besides, you have to consider also the ease of posting your cards if some needs to be sent through the post.  

Blending your layout with your delicately choice of colors will make a great result.  Try to consider contrast in choosing your colors.  Monotone color choices can be elegant but it may also be boring.  If the celebration is formal, the choice of black and white combinations will match the event tone.  Silver and gold also blends with formal celebrations.  If the celebration is less formal just like many destination wedding celebrations, the vibrant colors are more fit.  

Always consider that the bridal shower invitation card should blend with the theme of the wedding invitation card.  In fact, you may choose to use the same stationery as that used in the wedding invitation card to set it in uniform.  

Setting the theme of your bridal invitation will also rely on the choice of words that will be contained therein.  Browse some online websites that has several samples to distinguish which choice of words is more used for a formal type of celebration in contrast to less formal ones.

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