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Elegant Wedding Invitations

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Elegance is defined by the people around you.  In keeping track with what is elegant, it must be that you try to check what is being considered as elegant at the present time.  A design may look elegant some few years ago but is now considered as just classic or customary.  Some designs may be regarded as elegant in a continent while not the same feedback is received for the same style in another continent.  This makes defining what an elegant wedding invitation is, a little bit difficult to do.  It is varied across culture, it is varied across time.
Adding monogram to your wedding invite will make it look elegant.  Most couples choose to emboss their initials of their first names on the stationary.  Well, this is just one way of making your wedding invitation elegant.  This approach is not new and it traces it roots to history.  The font is of course of primary consideration in highlighting your elegant wedding invitation’s accent through the use of a monogram.  Choosing script is always fabulous.
Another way is choosing the font color of your text.  Silver and gold is always an elegant pick.  However, if you are planning to have your invites be printed out from your personal computer, this might offer a problem since most home printers do not have gold or silver ink.  
Along with the font is the style of the monogram. If you decide to use more than one initial for the monogram, you have a few more choices on how they will show. You could choose to have the initials side by side, you could have them interlocking, they could be in the form of a circle as well as a few variations on these methods. Typically if all three initials are used, the middle initial will be the largest and will also be the last initial. For your elegant wedding invitations you could make your own variation on this method by using the last initial of the groom (your new last name as well), and have the first initial for each of you on either side. If you interlock these initials it will show off your new marriage bond as well.
Embossed letter is another choice to make your wedding invitation more elegant.  It is usually with the use of thermography where a raised effect is created on the surface of your stationary.  
Blending different styles or approaches would surely personalize your elegant wedding invitation.  Above all, it will reflect the real you.

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