Thursday, September 22, 2016

Informal Wedding Invitation

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You decided to celebrate your wedding in an informal way.  Who cares about those very formal and so much thing to consider celebrations anyway.  The primary consideration is whether your wedding will be memorable.  Sometimes, it can be memorable and fun if it is cool!

Having decided on this, you’ve got to blend it with the theme of your wedding invitation.  It should be one of an informal wedding invitation.  How different would that be from a formal wedding invite?  Not maybe too different because some essential parts should still be there.  Some differences maybe point out on the choice of words in the wedding invitation.  Needless to say that it should also reflect choices of wordings that are informal.

Just like in a formal wedding invitation, keeping your invite as short but clear is also desirable in an informal wedding invitation.  Sometimes, the worst thing that you can do to ruin your wedding invite is to stuff it with too many words.  The reader may not be able to inculcate in his mind the important contents of your wedding invitation because his brain is now crowded with too many unnecessary details or words.  

Since you are making an informal wedding invitation, feel free to choose the words you want to use.  The constraints in informal wedding invitation is much lesser than the formal one.  One caution is not to overdo it that the words will equal to choices that are inappropriate or even offending.  Remember to still maintain a delightful choice of words.  This is your wedding and you would always want it to be unique but you would not like it to be unique in a negative way.  

Most brides are pedantic.  That is an understandable tendency but try not to be so detailed for your wedding invitation.  There are some details that do not need to be reflected on the face of your wedding invite.  As long as your guests would know when and where to go during your wedding and can find your name and the name of your spouse to be, that is already sufficient enough. Do not fall into the pit of making your wedding invitation like a booklet that it will contain each and all of what will happen to your wedding.  It will strip off your wedding from any excitement and anticipation because the guests will already know what will happen one event to another.

Best wishes for you for your wedding.  Make the best informal wedding invitation ever.

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