Thursday, September 22, 2016

Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

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“There are many ways to kill a chicken.” Likewise, there are many ways to create a beautiful wedding card. Thus, there is an endless existence of exceptional invitations. For example, while linen paper or engraved texts are everlasting invitation styles, they don't exactly make for unique wedding invitation ideas. Instead, try eco-friendly or textured paper. Also think about discarding traditional colors in favor of bright, bold shades to announce your wedding.

It's all about the messenger

Send your wedding invite in an unusual way enables you to form a buzz among your guests. For example, if you planned to wed with your toes in the sand, try sending an invitation tucked inside a bottle. Or, if you have a wedding worthy of a storybook princess, send an invitation rolled up into a scroll. Christmas wedding invites might be sent in a gift-wrapped box.

One possible inconvenience with this idea is that it requires a lot of money. However, if you can afford to, this is one of the most grand wedding invitation ideas and is in no doubt that it will create buzz about your nuptials.

Have a way with words

Playing with wedding invite words is one of the costless invitation ideas. For example, you might shift from the traditional Mr.-and-Mrs.-Smith-cordially-invite-you wording to a more modern wording. Think along the lines of "With joyous hearts, we invite you..." or "Join us for a celebration of love and family..."

Does your significant other call you "Sweets?" For cool and unique invitations use nicknames in the text--just make sure they're not the kind of nicknames that will make Grammy blush!

Get in touch with your inner artist

Personalizing the invite with a special photo or image is a definite way to create unique invitations. For example, what about going to your old photo albums, find a cute (even if black and white) photo of you when you were still a baby. Tell your future spouse to do the same. Use these old but cute photos. If you are creative enough, maybe you can sketch your profiles.

Another clever idea is snapping a photo of a great view. It could be the place where you had your first date or perhaps the park where you first met or what about the shot of the very first item he gave you. Beautiful landmarks can be awesome for photo invites too.

Even though a professional printer usually include your photo wedding invite ideas, be smart enough that there's often a fee for using your own artwork. If you're minimizing your expenses, try using your home computer in designing a unique invitation. Then, you may have them print at home.  Or you may decide on having a local copy shop do it for you to save wear-and-tear on your home printer.

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